Aerobatic Maneuvers
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Aerobatic Setup #1
Aerobatic Setup #2
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Index of Maneuvers

Basic Aerobatic Maneuvers
1/2 Cuban Eight Half Cuban Eight
1/2 Reverse Cuban Eight Half Reverse Cuban Eight
Hammerhead (Stall) Turn Hammerhead (Stall) Turn
Immelman Maneuver Immelman Turn
Inverted Flight Inverted Flight
Knife Edge Landing
Landing Maneuver Landing
Loop Maneuver Inside Loop
Slow Roll Slow Roll
Split S Maneuver Split S
Straight Flight Straight Flight
Take Off Maneuver Take Off

3D Aerobatic Maneuvers
Extended Flight Envelope (EFE)
3D Flight is a condition in which you are flying the plane in a stalled condition. (fact) Most other definitions are a subset of this one, but this definition is the most accurate. (IMHO) When the plane is stalled, it will fall down unless lift is coming from some other source.

The Propeller - When the propeller thrust is generating the balance of the lift then you will have 3D flight. When hanging on the propeller, the lift is generated by the propeller. Direction control is achieved by the prop wash flowing over the control surfaces. Deflecting the prop wash over the control surfaces while maintaining enough thrust to stay in the air will allow you to do many maneuvers in the "stalled" condition.

Torque Roll Torque Roll
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