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Build Your Own Fuel Can with Pump
By Doug Johnson, RC Universe

Thanks to Mike Mills for giving the initial direction with his fuel can article.

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I just made myself a new gas can.

Pep Boys 2.5 gallon can -                         $3.99
Purolator mower gas filter -                    $3.99
Dubro 192 Fuel Can Cap Fittings -           $3.40
Hangar 9 Gas/Glow fuel pump (HAN155)-       $15.99
Tygon fuel tubing 3'                               $3.30
Total                                                     $30.67

The Pep Boys gas can has a nice shape and a cap that can be easily modified. Advance Auto, etc. sells a good can, but the cap is not usable. On the gas can you have to shave off a tab on the exterior of the cap you normally use to pick the cap up. Takes about 5 seconds with a dremel. Then you drill out the cap from the inside so you make sure the fitting nuts clear the edges, clean the holes up and mount the fittings. Run the pickup tubing down the spout into the can, put the fuel clunk/filter that comes with the Hangar 9 pump onto that and screw the cap ring on. Put the fuel line onto the external fittings, the pump, the fuel filter (if you want to run one), and the brass fueling plug and you are good. Dubro makes a neat one hole fitting that costs about 8 bucks, but is easier to install. However, it doesn't take but about two more minutes to install the one I used and I already had it. I added a quick release clip to hang the pump off the handle. It is a regular key change where the two sections can disconnect.


Sometimes the most simple thing is the most elegant as well. Here is an Easy Release Key Ring from Lowe's for under 2 bucks. I think $1.78. Simply push the center and the two pieces come apart. The thing swivels as well. Pump with it in place or push the center and have some more room. Hope you like it.

The Hangar 9 pump is what Jersey Modelers has on their can, so I'm just going with what is tried and true.

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